Virtuously Elegant: A Mock Ad Campaign Inspired by Filippa K

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About the Brand

Filippa K is a Swedish fashion brand that we inspired by to create this campaign. Where the everyday meets high fashion, Filippa K treasures the simplistic art of styling through sustainable fashion in materials, production, recycling, and ethics.


Our goal was to establish the brand as a voice for natural beauty and to own your insecurities.


We completed this campaign in one week.


We create a brand campaign inspired by Filippa K with three ad deliverables, three media buys, digital marketing materials, and a process book.

Our Team

Art Direction: Esteban Leyva
Photography: Esteban Leyva
Motion Media: Esteban Leyva and Valeria Galipoli
Graphics: Esteban Leyva and Sterling Jones
Hair and Makeup: Valeria Galipoli and Sterling Jones
Styling: Madison Henry
Copywriting: Esteban Leyva, Sterling Jones, and Madeline Thames
Models: Sterling Jones, Valeria Galipoli and Sebasatian Solbola
Professor: Oscar Betancur, Fashion Marketing and Management 210

Media Buys

Digital Marketing Campaign



To see my process book, check out on Behance.



This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more details.

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