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Hi! I’m  Sterling, and Welcome to All Silver Things!

I am a twenty-something beauty and lifestyle blogger originally from Atlanta, GA, I am currently a student at Savannah College of Art & Design obtaining two degrees, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art History and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Business of Beauty & Fragrance.  While I’m not blogging, I exploring the wonders of museums and small boutiques to hole-in-the-wall restaurants because who doesn’t love exploring! I also did a post why I chose Art History as a my major here.

All Silver Things was created in 2017 for a purpose. It was created with the purpose of sharing my personal explorations of beauty. As I grew up in Atlanta, the culture was constantly changing and growing. While in an ever-changing city, I was struggling with my personal idea of beauty. I questioned myself constantly, “What is beauty?”

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”Unknown

One of my 2017 Fall Favorites!

In my efforts to answer that question, I put myself through trials of beauty products, trends, and more. This is where All Silver Things comes in. All Silver Things is my journal of those trials and growing into more than beauty exploration.

What should you expect from this blog?

Glad you asked! I will be giving my honest review of products that I try, posts about my adventures around the world, and being a companion along this amazing journey with me. I create amazing curated playlists as a soundtrack to my blog. I tackle my now, natural hair with new styles and brands! I also talk about beauty trends and marketing on the blog and through my newsletter. I want you to feel inspired by this blog to explore and take a close look at your own journey, whether in beauty, traveling or daily life.

This blog is perfect for those on a college budget or just looking for amazing brands that I found on my beauty journey!

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With love,

Sterling x